Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Big Draw 2010 - Illustrating the Body (Inside and Out!)

Some of you may know that October is the month of The Big Draw - The Campaign for Drawing's international campaign to get absolutely everyone involved in exploring the delights of sketching. And so I was lucky enough to spend most of Saturday at the fascinating Hunterian Museum, assisting the House of Illustration with their own serving of drawing magic. It was a brilliant day with so many people coming ready to turn the museum's collection of bottled specimens and grisly tools into weird and wonderful illustrations, and we even managed to persuade a few very doubtful visitors to have a go at sketching.

Toya Walker's drop-in illustration work shop proved extremely popular and it was also amazing to see some of Britain's best Medical Illustrators at work in the gallery. The above are a couple of my somewhat less impressive sketches from the day (jotted down in between handing out pencils and gawking at bottled moths...) So thank you to the lovely Emily Jost at the House of Illustration for such a fantastic day, see you next year!


  1. I like these,especially with the colour added in. Was that with photoshop?

  2. Hehe, yes - the colour is a bit of a post-sketching cheat!